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Three German students surprise a homeless guy

A German student was walking in the street and noticed a homeless man trying to get some money from the pedestrians.
Unfortunately his technique was not very successful so the student asked him to borrow his bucket.
At first, the homeless man was hesitant but he agreed to… it was the choice to make because what happens next will burst you into tears!
2 weeks ago
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Binky is a real life emoji

Binky is a real life emoji

4 months ago
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Y’know, you don’t have to like a woman just because she’s a woman. It’s not slut-shaming if you think the girl who slept with your boyfriend is a skeeze. It’s not totally erroneous to think the girl who humiliated you is a bitch.

But I want you to consider the following…We, as women, are trained…

7 months ago
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